Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to return a toy if I don’t like it?

With the nature of sex toys being such a personal one, we do not offer exchanges or returns on any products.

2. What is your return policy?

All of our products are tested twice to ensure quality before being shipped to the customer to ensure satisfaction.  Therefore there is no returns or exchanges.

3. Do you have a paper catalogue?

We take pride in bringing you the best in adult toys, lingerie, lubricants, games and much more. Our products are listed individually on the website to display full information for each product with pictures, descriptions, how to links and videos to show our customer’s the products at their best. The website is our catalog. We update it on daily basis to keep our followers up to date with current products, news and reviews.

4. What would be considered the best vibrator?

In reality, each woman or man is to their own. For a woman, some may just like clitoral stimulation, while others prefer penetration plus vibrations, and yet some just prefer G-spot stimulation with a vibrator. Each vibrator has its own purpose for use. For men, vibrators may be used for anal stimulation or even scrotum stimulation. Some may like the materials it is made of, or the color, the functions that it has or how it looks in general. Therefore, there is not a best vibrator, but there is a best one for each user providing they know what they are looking for.

5. Are vibrators and dildos the same toys?

No, a vibrator is a toy that vibrates at various speeds, sizes, functions and when used on the clitoris is one of the easiest ways for women to reach orgasm. However, a dildo is a toy that replicates an erect penis. Dildo’s come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes and comes with a choice of vibrating or non-vibrating. The significant difference between these two are; the shapes as dildos and dongs are in realistic phallic shapes and sizes.

6. Can men use vibrators too?

Absolutely, there are sex toys on the market that help with male pleasure zones in the same context as women. For men, vibrators may be used for nipple stimulation, scrotum stimulation, penile stimulation or anal stimulation (providing the sex toy has anal safety features such as flared bases.) With any of these above mentioned scenarios, men can use vibrating sex toys to pleasure himself or his partner.

7. How do penis rings affect sexual intercourse?

For many, using a penis ring enhances the size and the girth of the penis during intercourse. The main purpose of a man using a penis ring is for maintaining a fuller, longer lasting erection by keeping blood flow circulation within the penis. In order to properly maintain this purpose, the male must wear the cock ring around both his penis and scrotum which helps restrict the blood flow. There are some men who like penis rings for decoration or fetish reasons, but overall it is for personal well being and extended pleasure for him and his partner.

8. Do penis pumps really work?

The purpose of penis pump is to help you get fuller, longer lasting erections. Now, you may think this happens over night, but this is not the case. Using a penis pump in conjunction with penis enlargement pills can make a different of 3-5 inches. This is achieved by pumping within a regular schedule and using pills on a daily basis. This does not mean that you will gain 3-5 inches as everyone is different in size, but it does mean that blood flow comes easier and stays longer (when used with a cock ring).  Penis pumps also help men with erectile dysfunction and can also be used for masturbation and self pleasure purposes.

9. What exactly are Ben Wa balls?

(Also known as:  Burmese Bells, Benoit Balls, Orgasm Balls, Venus Balls, Kegel Balls, or Geisha Balls)

Ben Wa Balls are a set of two metal ball bearings that are wrapped in different materials. The materials can be but not limited to: silicone, rubber, latex, glass, TPR, TPE, or plastic. These balls come in different weights to enhance the effect of the PC workout or orgasm when inserted into the vagina and sometimes come with a string or retrieval cord for easy removal. Ben Wa Balls can come in single and dual balls the only difference in the two is the weights which you require for a surreal Ben Wa Workout.

10. How do I use Ben Wa balls?

If you want to increase orgasm power within yourself, use the Ben Wa Balls to help increase the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. Once inserted into the vagina, the user can then tighten and relax the pelvic floor muscles by squeezing the balls, or by rocking back and forth which can achieve an orgasm of delight. Most women who use Ben Wa Balls are directed by doctors after childbirth or bladder inconsistencies to increase vaginal elasticity and make a stronger healthier you.

11. Why do anal toys have flared bases?

All anal toys have a safety feature which requires them not to be able to be completely inserted into the anus. Therefore you will know it is a great anal tool when there are flared bases or a pull rings which do not get inserted into the anus. This small safety feature also allows the anal toy to be worn for long periods of time and comfortable for the user.

12. How do you use Desensitizers?

Using a desensitizer is easy but you do need to know your limits, because you are taking away sensations of the area you may not want to desensitize where you need to feel sensations. (eg: anus, or vagina) Desensitizers are mainly used by men to restrict the sensations of the penis. It slows down the blood flow within the penis and scrotum so that it is not as sensitive and makes him last longer. These topical sprays and lotions may be applied to the area a few minutes before intercourse, and washes off easily after wards.

13. Is there sugar in flavored lubes?

In the context of sugars in flavored lubes, this used to be true! In the original recipes of lubricants there was raw white sugar added to sweeten the taste. Now, flavored lubricants have no sugars in their base. They are naturally sweetened with natural juices, and natural extracts that eliminate sugars all together. You can still find lubricants that use a small amount of fructose, this is not harmful in anyway except where as the person using this lubricant is susceptible to yeast infections, if you are aware that you are prone to yeast infections, glycerin and fructose should be avoided as a lubricant.

14. Do Massage Oils or Flavored Lubes stain my sheets?

Massage oils are just that, Oils. So if you are thinking of a night of romance that starts with a nice oil massage to get you in the mood, I suggest that you use a towel, old sheets or Foreplay love sheet to fit over your bed so that you do not stain or discolor your sheets. Flavored lubes on the other hand have no traces of oils. The majority of flavored lubricants are water based, which wash off easy, and are non-staining formulas.

15. What types of Lubricants do you carry?

Water Based lubricants are non-staining, non-irritating, washes off easy, and can be re-applied as much as possible, can be used with ALL sex toy materials. Silicone Based lubricants are not absorbed by skin or mucus membranes so they last longer, but the down side is that you cannot use silicone based lubricants with condoms, latex, or silicone based sex toys. We also offer, Natural |Organic, Flavored, Oil Based, Tingle & Warming, and Anal lubricants.

16. What makes silicone materials more expensive?

Due to the nature of silicone, all silicone toys are non-porous, hypoallergenic, and majority of them are handmade. Silicone not only mimics the feel of real skin but it warms to the touch and is also very easy to clean (boilable and top rack dishwasher safe), which in turn extends the life of your silicone sex toys.

17. Which lubricant is the best to use for anal sex?

When purchasing lube for anal sex purposes, be sure to get a lubricant with thicker properties like a gel or cream, which stays in place and is condom compatible. Be sure that the lubricant you choose can be re applied as much as needed, as anal sex feels amazing when well lubricated. Stay away from numbing agents as this will take away sensations from anal sex and can cause mishaps during play time.

18. Can someone be allergic to latex?

Yes, there are cases where people can be allergic to latex. Latex is a natural rubber compound, when in contact with skin can cause irritations and itchiness, in some cases can be quite serious. If you have concerns about latex allergies, please consult your doctor for more ways to prevent latex allergic reactions.

19. What are the alternatives to latex?

Most condoms on the market today come in non-latex or polyurethane materials where as sex toys may come in vinyl, plastic, polyurethane, or silicone.

20. Are flavoured condoms just as safe as regular condoms?

When purchasing condoms always read the labels to be sure it meets your requirements. (eg: protects against STD’s and AIDS, helps prevent pregnancies.) Health Canada considers condoms as medical devices and ensures strict standards are set for latex condoms regarding tests for strength and leakage. Novelty condoms are listed on the outside of the package, and should be avoided for sexual intercourse purposes.

21. Can a G-Spot cream really help with finding my G-spot?

Yes, Applying G-spot cream to the g-spot area will arouse and enlarge the g-spot gland which will help you find and stimulate it with no fuss at all. The G-spot is the source of multiple orgasms and for some women, female ejaculation.

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