Our Joytoys Points

JOY! Points

Earn JOY! Points when you shop with OJTSextoys.com and OJTSextoys.ca This is our way of expressing our appreciation and saying "Thank you!" for
shopping with OJTSextoys.com and OJTSextoys.ca.

By creating an account with us, you earn Points.

To start Collecting JOY! Points, Create an account by Clicking here (Create Account).

How to Collect JOY! Points?

  • Once you finish shopping, it will show you how many JOY! points you have earned this time. The more you buy the more you Collect.

How to Redeem your JOY! Points?

When you've saved enough JOY! Points, you can spend them on selected items from OJTSextoys.com and OJTSextoys.ca.

To redeem your JOY! Points you must first log in to your account and follow the instructions to use your points.

Once logged in, the page will display you the items you can purchase with your JOY! Points.

JOY! Points Term and Conditions

  • JOY! Points have no cash value and can’t be used for anything else other than to purchase specified items from OJTSextoys.com and OJTSextoys.ca
  • We reserve the right to adjust JOY! Points either increase or decrease due to accounting errors and any other reason that may look suspicious.
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